Hairs Best Friend

There’s now a way to style your hair flawlessly without leaving that shiny, stiff finish. There’s a way to achieve pompadours, fauxhawks and slicks effortlessly. There’s a way to get a strong yet pliable hold with a truly matte finish that can take your style from day to night. What is this magical product? None other than the Matte Texture Paste.

This modern styler made with luxe ingredients like coconut oil, Larch tree resin and aloe juice allows you to rework your style on a whim and hold it where you want it while still looking matte and non-greasy. The coconut oil promotes scalp health and keeps hair looking soft, the Larch tree resin makes sure you’re flake-free and the aloe combats frizz and enhances strength, keeping your ‘do in place.

When summer starts to sadly roll to an end and the flashbacks of the beach start. When all you can think about is how much you miss the way your long locks looked tousled perfectly in the salty residue of the ocean. When vacation hair seems like a previous life – we have the product for you.

Certified Organic Wave Spray keeps summer dreams alive! Made with real sea salt, proteins and amino acids this light, nutrient-dense texture spray provides beachy feel, enhances waves and lifts roots. With a semi-matte finish and oil-absorbing factors, your hair will look summer fresh all year round. So even if you’re not on vacation, your hair will be.


By Laura Findlay


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