At NATULIQUE, we work from a simple standpoint; to use as many certified organic ingredients in all of our hair care and colours, and provide the professional hair colour industry with a safer and more sustainable alternative, with fewer chemicals and better functionality.

NQM-2-3 -(75ml)NATULIQUE Man Shade - Dark Natural - 2/3 - 75ml
NQM-4-5 -(75ml)NATULIQUE Man Shade - Medium Dark Natural - 4/5 - 75ml
NQM-5-6 -(75ml)NATULIQUE Man Shade - Medium Natural - 5/6 - 75mlNATURAL MENS HAIR COLOUR FOR …
NQM-7-8 -(75ml)NATULIQUE Man Shade - Light Natural - 7/8 - 75ml