BOM After Tattoo – 7 ml Sachet

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AFTER TATTOO by BeOnMe is rich with natural, organic ingredients. It soothes the skin after the execution of the tattoo. Frequent use is ideal to ensure colors stay vibrant over time.

7ml 0.69 fl.oz.



AFTER TATTOO cream by BeOnMe is made entirely with natural, organic ingredients and is designed to maintain new tattoos. With its generous mix of organic sweet-almond oil, castor oil, organic sunflower oil, and tea tree oil, it soothes and moisturizes after the execution of the tattoo. Organic shea butter and tocopherol (vitamin E) protect your skin from external agents and hold in the ink. Zinc oxide and bisabolol, a precious extract of chamomile oil, have long been used in skin-care products for children and very sensitive skin. Consistent use over time will keep your tattoos well defined, maintaining colors as vibrant as a new tattoo. Suited for all skin types. Fragrance-free.