BOM Body Cream – 200 ml

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BeOnMe BODY CREAM is formulated with natural, organic ingredients and is suited to all skin types, providing your skin with intense nourishment and hydration.
200ml 6.76 fl.oz.


BeOnMe BODY CREAM is a precious blend of natural, organic extracts that provide intense, lasting hydration and nourishment for your skin. Its high content of organic chamomile hydrosol calms and relieves dry skin, while the combination of vitamin-rich oils—including olive oil—, organic sweet almond oil, and tocopherol lends elasticity and nourishment to the skin. The addition of rice powder provides a silky texture and a moisturizing action. Organic mallow extract, known for its decongestant properties, is particularly suited for dry, sensitive skin. BeOnMe BODY CREAM absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a trace.