BOM Hand Cream – 50 ml

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BeOnMe HAND CREAM, based on natural, organic extracts, nourishes and protects your hands from external agents

50ml 1.69 fl.oz.


BeOnMe HAND CREAM is rich in natural, organic ingredients that create a protective film for your skin against external agents and is ideal for dry, chapped hands, leaving them soft, smooth and hydrated. It is based on a hydrosol of organic chamomile, known for its moisturizing and therefore relieving powers, and a hydrosol of organic Helichrysum italicum, known for its hydrating properties. Glycerin helps to hold moisture in the skin, while tocopherol (vitamin E) improves its elasticity. BeOnMe HAND CREAM contains no fragrances, although may chang oil lends it a naturally fresh, citrusy aroma. This essential oil also gives an immediate sensation of wellness and is often used in aromatherapy