See and Seek

Inspired by Intelligent Nutrients founder, Horst M. Rechelbacher, comes See and Seek – wild-crafted and certified organic essential oil blends of aromatic magic. The two scents are vastly different but both contain underlying tones of Horst’s favourite flowers. He believed in the healing power of plants and would often be found spreading his favourite flower essences through the air to invite peace and serenity. Thus these essential oil fragrances were created, reminiscent of the founder who envisioned the Intelligent Nutrients dream.

Seek is a treasured scent for the bold, strong and courageous. Citrus, oakmoss and vetiver wildly juxtapose the soft scents of rose, neroli and jasmine. This grounding blend is potent, smoky, sultry, earthy and complex.

See was crafted with the creative spirit in mind and invites intuition, empathy and inspiration. Purist, passionate blossoms of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose and neroli break through, creating a playful blend of bright, sweet and floral.

Horst’s most loved flowers – neroli, jasmine and rose were his top choices for a reason. Besides their different and delicious scents, all three essential oils are known to promote a positive mood, uplift your energy, help reduce feelings of anxiety and encourage relaxation.

See the vision from within or Seek your next adventure with these two irresistible scents.


By Laura Findlay

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