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PureStem Beauty Inc. is aligned with visionary brands that deliver certified organic health and beauty solutions.

Brands we carry:

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PureStem Beauty Inc. is Canada’s authorized distributor of Intelligent Nutrients.  Our company values include fostering ethical, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and choosing to sell products that are safe, have sustainability at the forefront and continue to raise the bar iinnovatively.

Visit Intelligent Nutrients.ca


NATULIQUE  is pleased to announce that  PureStem Beauty Inc. is the authorized Western Canada  distributor of the  Natulique Certified Organic professional  hair colour and hair care products. These products are for Professional Use Only.

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NATURIGIN is pleased to announce that  PureStem Beauty Inc. is the authorized Canadian  distributor of the  Naturigin Certified Organic hair colour products. These products are available for Retail Sale.  Contact US at the number or email below to place your order.

Click to see more info on Naturigin Certified Organic Hair Color.

PureStem Beauty Inc.
115-1057 Langford Parkway
Victoria, BC Canada
V9B 0A5

Tel: (250) 590-2788
Toll-Free: (855) 222-2788
Email Us: john@purestembeauty.com


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