endota Body Kind Pack

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What’s included

  • 1 x Clove and Mint Recovery Balm 50ml
  • 1 x Cork Peanut Roller


Be kind to and take care of your body naturally with our Body Kind Kit. Our Body Kind pack contains our best selling Clove and Mint Recovery Balm and endota Cork Peanut Massage Roller.

Clove & Mint Recovery Balm: With one sold every 30 minutes* in Australia, Clove & Mint recovery balm has reached cult-status as a recovery remedy. This fragrant blend of essential oils soothes and uplifts the senses, so you can get the most out of every workout.

Peanut Roller: Perfectly shaped for the relief of your muscles. The clever curves of the Cork Peanut Roller can help to ease pain and muscle tension, from soreness in the neck to the arch of the foot. A grooved design makes this cork roller especially ideal for massaging along the spine, while keeping bones gently cupped. An excellent self-care tool that extends the positive benefits of your in-spa remedial massage. Enjoy ongoing relief to the shoulders, lower legs, and wherever your body needs extra care and attention. Comes with a handy carry bag for added mobility.