endota New Age Mineral Protect Cream SPF 50+ – 50ml – TESTER

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Zinc Oxide (227mg/g)


Mineral sun protection. Primer. Moisturiser. This lightweight, mineral-based broad spectrum, high protection sunscreen offers protection from harmful UV rays, while hydrating your skin. Use it daily as a moisturiser or primer and make it part of your skincare routine.

Mineral sunscreen sits on top of your skin and works by forming a physical barrier that reflects harmful light – rather than absorbing it. A zinc-based mineral sunscreen which protects your skin against skin-damaging UVA/UVB rays without harming the environment.

• Broad spectrum protection
• Ocean and reef safe
• Fragrance free
• Minimal to no clogging of pores.
• Suitable for all ages and skin types
• Blue light protection
• 80-minute water resistant
• Recyclable tube made from 40% sugarcane PE and 40% recycled PE