endota New Age Sensitive Eye Revival Gel – TESTER – 15ml

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15 ml


Refresh and hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes and protect it from the harmful effects of environmental stress with this cooling and revitalising eye cream. Designed to specifically address sensitivity, this gentle formulation calms and soothes irritation and redness around the eyes while it actively treats the signs of ageing, helping reduce puffiness and dark circles as it softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The botanical extracts of allantoin and cucumber cool and refresh skin exposed to the elements.  Revitalising eyedeline™ & JuvenEye CLR™ awaken the eye contour, helping diminish puffiness and under eye circles. PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller  offers intensive, skin-firming hydration that smooths the appearance of wrinkles while protecting against environmental irritants.

Our Sensitive Eye Revival Gel is specifically formulated to relieve environmentally sensitive skin around the eyes, treating the signs of ageing to completely revive the eye contour.  Fragrance Free.
• Helps minimise fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.
• Calms and soothes irritation, redness and sensitivity.
• Hydrates and refreshes the delicate skin around the eyes.

Active Ingredients:
JuvenEye CLR™ – Acts as an anti-dark circle, anti-puff, skin lightening and regenerating agent. It also acts on melanin deposition to further reduce the appearance of dark circles.
Allantoin – Derived from the comfrey root, this botanical extract is an excellent soothing and healing agent.
Cucumber Extract – Contains polysaccharides, a type of natural carbohydrate that creates an invisible barrier on your skin to attract and retain moisture.
PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller – A unique hyaluronic acid (HA) derivative designed to offer a cosmetic alternative to injectable fillers. Penetrates twice deeper into the skin than standard HA.
Eyedeline™ – Complete care for the eye contour that combats the three signs of tiredness and ageing typical of this delicate skin area; dark circles, under-eye puffiness and fine lines.