NATULIQUE Balance Sparkle & Shine – 75ml

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NATULIQUE BALANCE Sparkling Shine is the new permanent colour for an intensified effect on the hair a new innovative NATULIQUE way of offering a natural and shiny sun-kissed effect

The sun lightens natural hair colour by reducing and neutralizing the natural pigment

With Naturally Derived Ingredients • With Added Natural Fruit Acids • Organically Farmed Plant Extracts • Added Organic Oil Complex • Added Beneficial Proteins • No Animal Derived Ingredients
NATULIQUE Balance Hair Colour Cream is an ammonia-free, quick and simple one-step permanent hair colour service which creates a mild and soft end-result, to any natural, NATULIQUE lightened or NATULIQUE hair colour serviced hair. Works as a first-time service, between hair colour services or final touch after a just-completed hair colour service.

With the NATULIQUE BALANCE Sparkling Shine you can create:

soft highlights • instant illumination • authentic sun-kissed effect
The secret is that it creates a “balance blend”-lift of up to one tone on natural, NATULIQUE lightened or NATULIQUE colored hair. Can be offered as a final service to secure a soft, harmonic and shining end-result for the client.

The BALANCE Sparkling Shine lightens natural hair color by reducing and neutralizing the natural pigments of the hair and thereby changing the color to a lighter color with more reflections. And just like the sun, it does this without adding or depositing any form of pigment.